Can toothpaste help grow beards?

Beard growth


Beard is a man's facial hair covering the chin, cheek, jawline, and neck. It grows rapidly once it is developed to fully grow right from when it is newly born in teenage. The beard is supposed to be shaved or trimmed every once in a while or it would lead to monster looks that fear four-year babies.

The beard is exposing the segmentation of the androgen and testosterone glands in the male human body.

The beard growth in men doesn't come from their birth itself. It happens in later years. The adulteration of a boy into a man takes place through teenagers. The teenager blows all essential hormones in the body making puberty work out. That's when the hair starts to grow at different parts of the body. Of course, women too grow hair at different parts of the body but they can't build facial hair which makes them look smooth and beautiful.

The cute boys become handsome once they pose while still grooming a thrown beard. That beard is one of the definitions of man. The raw, groovy, shady look is enhanced upon growing a beard.

There are many stages in beard growth in a man's lifetime. From teenage to old age, the beard changes in its nature in terms of density, color, thickness, and depth.

While beard growth occurs in several stages, all hair growth goes through three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen. While it’s not a stage of beard growth, the hair growth cycle is essential to the process.

Beard growth

Beard growth is a general concern in a man's life whether it is growing good or not growing at all.

Beard is the natural outgrown facial hair of male human beings. It is the hair of a man but not of a boy even though it starts showing up from teenage in most male beings. Growing of beard is part of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics controlled by testosterone hormone in the male human body.

Some certain vitamins and minerals are necessary to give an instance to beard growth.

Protein is the foremost content for any kind of body growth and beard hair is no exception. Zinc, iron, and boron are other essential minerals for initial beard growth and faster beard growth.

Coming to vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C, and biotin are essential for healthy and faster beard growth.

Some oils and creams could be pasted over the beard line that goes deep into the skin pores and initiates the growth of the beard.

Does toothpaste help in beard growth?

Toothpaste cannot help grow a beard. It is one of the silliest questions to doubt if toothpaste helps beard growth.

There are a lot of beard products available in the market that help grow a beard and take care of it simultaneously.

Humans are curious and they doubt certain mineral presence in toothpaste-like peppermint or just mint that could be used for beard growth. However, toothpaste has other minerals and properties that could seriously damage beard growth.

Toothpaste is basically a sticky paste that on the direct application would dry up even the mouth too if water is not added during brushing time. Such is the condition of toothpaste.

Just imagine the application of toothpaste on beard hair. The toothpaste would only help hair strands to stick up solidly with one another causing serious skin discomfort.

For shaving purposes also, men use gel-like shaving cream in order to comfortably clear out their grown-up hair. How could one imagine toothpaste to help beard growth?

However, there are certain aspects stating that proper brushing of jaw teeth that are residing inside the mouth could help beard growth that is growing outside to the jawline. This aspect is somewhat believable.

Men should not think about beard brushing in the presence of toothpaste. Toothpaste is a supposed item to be put inside the mouth but not outside of the mouth.

Take Away

A growing teenage boy need not worry about his beard growth, first of all. He could wait for the beard growth to take its natural time and body sense to get implanted with his manual consciousness.

A grown-up adult who has a beard but has issues with beard growth could find a lot of beard oils like coconut oil, peppermint oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc in order to prosper beard growth.

There are beard shampoos, beard creams, and beard conditioners that would enhance beard growth. One is suggested not to experiment with toothpaste-like products applied on beard hair in an expectation of proper beard growth.

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