Can masturbation help prevent covid-19?



Masturbation is human nature and soulfully gifted to humans alone. If one is masturbated, one is supposed to understand that the human got his brains. One should feel proud of masturbation because animals can't masturbate and it is complete to get habituated to it in the living times of a toxic substance lifestyle. Even though it is completely good except for energy pullers, few people cannot enjoy masturbation. They depress themselves in a way. Various factors bring guilt in human beings with masturbation. It is not the mistake of masturbation but the emotional content one is carrying in one's own life.

The self-satisfaction or self-pleasure or self orgasm stimulated on one's hand or another person's hand interference with the reproductive genital is called masturbation. It is the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner. 

In the modern age of stressful life and solutions, masturbation has become the money-free therapy to enact mood and bond. Masturbation is the self-satisfaction that deviates a thought from its loop due to the sharp feeling generated in the orgasm exposed. Masturbation is quoted as the new age meditation.

The self-satisfaction or pleasure or orgasm engraved in the human body system is due to the simultaneous act of the body to act as both simulator and stimulator. The reaction between simulation and stimulation through the body brings a heaven-like experience on the Earth. 


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)

Symptoms of COVID-19 are variable, but often include fever, cough, headache, fatigue, breathing difficulties, and loss of smell and taste.

Can masturbation prevent COVID-19?

Masturbation is a source to transmit senses from head muscles to genital muscles. During the course, there is a chance for the mind to divert its notion or mood from discomfort to comfort. In such a way, masturbation can help a person to get rid of thoughts or fear, or feelings about getting coronavirus. 

COVID is a mind disease that disables the head power to take control of lung respiration.

As a virus is most of all a non-physical entity, even upon its attack over the body or a particular body part, the mind can still manage the tolerance or resistance, or immunity of the body through breathing power.

As masturbation is a great source to play with the breathing volume in lung respiration, it could help the body to prevent getting sick from corona-like viruses.

There are other benefits from masturbation that could help the body from major misalignments or pains or discomforts that could develop through the passage of coronavirus into the body.

Masturbation is a criterion to poke any hidden pain in the body. The act of masturbation or the after-effects of masturbation would result in an acute pain or pleasure stimulus at the comforted or discomforted zones in the body.

For suppose, masturbation gives extreme blood run in the body and penis more to the point of orgasm whereas the point right after orgasm gives a sudden dip in the blood pressure that it is felt nowhere throughout the body, brain, heart, and penis that one may doubt where all the energy is gone too.

That is the spirit of orgasm, to convert whole-body energy into semen ejaculation. The loss of energy isn't much of a loss if the person is quite good with fitness. Otherwise, there could be some developed nervous wrecks that couldn't be controlled on masturbation addiction.

Masturbation does affect immunity by building tolerance and resistance to various body misalignments if the person is, first of all, to stay positive about the act.

As masturbation is an extraordinary outlet to sexual urges that would disturb the body strains, it would only help the body to stay cool.

The habituation of the body to high-end nervous simulations obtained through the orgasm by masturbation would train the body to sustain any stress or strain outcomes in the body.

However, there would be no peace of mind for most of the people who masturbate. To get a mind like accepting the aftermath of masturbation, one must master one's nature in life without ego. 

Some people never understand the contradiction of masturbation and feel it to be bad which itself would cause a lot of repercussions in the mind and brain causing headaches to heartaches.

Genitals are the center of the body and playing with it for a while is no doubt no bad. To make the genital cum on one's own is programmed by mind or heart behavior and one who loves it will gain a lot of benefits.

Masturbation is a great source to connect one's mind to one's own heart which would garner a great immunity to the body.

Immunity is something the body possesses to face any serious health condition.

Take Away 

The schematic masturbation could help manage gastric problems, gut development, kidney stress relief, and breathing power which on the whole parameter builds up a strong metabolism to the body, which on average may disable the action of COVID.

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