Can I apply oil after washing my hair?

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Oiling is an essential part of your hair routine, a lot of people prefer applying oil before washing their hair and some feel that applying oil after washing hair is more beneficial. 

Today we will be talking about both scenarios, however, we feel that every person has a unique belief and they like to do things a certain way. Either way, the important thing is that your hair is getting all the vital nutrients from oiling. 

Oiling is essential for our hair growth, it makes our hair healthier, shinier, and longer, so continue reading to know more about the benefits. 

Applying Oil Before Washing Hair

Pre-cleanser hair oiling is suggested for dry, harmed, or crimped hair. Not certain if yours possesses all the necessary qualities? Ask yourself these inquiries: do your finishes seem more slender and lighter than the upper parts of your hair? Do they quite often spread out? Is it hard for your hair to keep twists or waves or is it flyaway and exceptionally light on the surface? Does your hair need more opportunity to dry than it used to? Is it fuzzy to a degree that can’t be restrained by styling items? In the event that you addressed yes to any of the abovementioned, you likely need an oil pre-cleanser.

Applying the right hair oil somewhere around a half-hour before you cleanse your hair permits the oil to drench into your hair shaft and seal that delicate internal layer, making it doubtful to get water-logged and in this manner more averse to get harmed or break. 

Continuing on to the scalp, a head rub further develops a blood course, which carries supplements to the scalp and feeds the hair from its underlying foundations. It’s significant not to utilize a lot of oil on your scalp as abundance of oil might impede your hair follicles. You want only a couple of drops or enough to deliver your fingers erosion-free as you knead your scalp.

Personally, we won’t suggest you apply hair oil after washing your hair as it may make your newly washed hair oily and can give a wet look to them, however, it totally depends on you and your liking.

Things You Must Keep In Mind When Applying Hair Oil 

Here are some important things that you must take care of before applying hair oil. 

Pick the right oil for your hair 

carrier oils can be utilized alone or in the mix with fundamental oils. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil are some predominantly utilized transporter oils. 

For one thing, you should ensure you’re utilizing the right oil for your hair and scalp. If you have an oily scalp, utilizing a light oil is suggested. Substantial oils can be utilized if your scalp is excessively dry and needs more dampness. 

  • Almond oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Avocado oil 
  • Jojoba oil 
  • Grapeseed oil 
  • Olive oil 
  • Borage oil 
  • Primrose oil 
  • Argan oil
  • Pumpkin seed oil 
  • Moringa oil 

Choose Your Essential Oil 

This is optional and not a compulsion In any case, fundamental oils can be compelling in focusing on explicit scalp concerns like dry scalp or dandruff. These oils are extricated from plants. 

You can pick a fundamental oil dependent on its properties, what it targets, and on the off chance that it suits your skin. Fundamental oils should be weakened in transporter oils since they can be excessively solid and cause unfavorably susceptible responses. 

  • Peppermint oil 
  • Lavender oil 
  • Sandalwood oil 
  • Rose oil 
  • Tea tree oil 
  • Jasmine oil 
  • Lemon oil 

Heat The Oil 

Heat your oils for a couple of moments till they are warm. Utilizing warm oil will take into account further infiltration through your hair, fingernail skin and scalp. It is likewise more alleviating and powerful. 

Massage Your Scalp 

Tenderly rub the oil into your scalp for a couple of moments. On the off chance that you have wavy hair, you can isolate your hair into little parts to try not to pass up any spaces. 

Utilize round movements to tenderly rub the oil into your scalp. Work your direction across the whole scalp for 10-15 minutes. After you are finished with the scalp, tenderly work your direction till the closures of your hair. 

Rinse your hair 

In the wake of applying your oil, you can leave it on for a short term and wash it off with a cleanser the following day. Take a stab at utilizing a chemical-free cleanser or cold water to flush your hair and ensure that you clean it completely.

Take Away 

A lot of people prefer applying oil after washing their hair, however, we recommend you to use it before your wash, it will deeply nourish your scalp and will get rid of all the toxins and chemicals on your scalp. We hope you liked the information we shared above. 

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