Can Haemorrhoids cause erectile dysfunction?

Haemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction

Link Between Haemorrhoids and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have a huge impact on your life and well-being, it can cause problems for you and your partner which can lead to stress and other psychological problems. The term Erectile dysfunction is used to describe the inability of a man to perform, this can be related to lower capacity to perform or lower capacity to hold an erection. 

Haemorrhoids are also commonly called piles, they are swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum, they can be painful and can cause problems to people when they sit. While haemorrhoids can have a number of reasons. 

Many people have found out a significant similarity between haemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction and today we will be digging deeper into this correlation. 


The symptoms of haemorrhoids may differ according to your situation and the level of severity. Let us now look at some of the common symptoms. 

Internal Symptoms 

  • Painless bleeding while your bowel movements
  • A haemorrhoid pushes through your anus which can cause extreme pain or irritation. 

External Symptoms 

  • Itching and irritation in your anal region 
  • Pain and constant discomfort
  • Swelling around your anal region
  • Bleeding 

Well, if you are noticing any of these signs then do not take it lightly, haemorrhoids can be extremely painful and dangerous so if you see a similar sign then please visit a doctor and take proper medication to solve the issue. 


Above we have mentioned some common symptoms of haemorrhoids now let us look into some of the causes for the same. Here are some of the common causes of haemorrhoids. 

  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Sitting for long periods of time on the toilet
  • Having chronic diarrhoea or constipation
  • Being obese
  • Being pregnant
  • Having anal intercourse
  • Eating a low-fiber diet
  • Regular heavy lifting

Now that we are done with the symptoms and causes let us move to the correlation between Haemorrhoids and Erectile dysfunction in detail. 


Research has discovered that men who have been diagnosed with Haemorrhoids can develop Erectile dysfunction. Both of these diseases do not have much in common, one is created due to lack of blood flow and the other is created due to swelling of veins. 

Yet, these two are linked together, a study found out that 24.9% of men under the age of 40 years, who have suffered from haemorrhoids in the last year had suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. 

The correlation of the two diseases has been found out more in younger men, men aged 30-39 are more likely to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction after being diagnosed with Haemorrhoids in the same year. 

The main correlation between the two happens in the varicose veins that are located into the deep anus region and cause irritation, this gives rise to Erectile Dysfunction. 

Haemorrhoids are painful, they can cause life-threatening pain in your pelvic region as it is located in your anus, it comes with constant discomfort and pain while sitting or standing. In severe cases, you may also notice bleeding along with your bowel movements. The pain, discomfort make it hard for the person to perform and can be a reason for constant stress. 

Many doctors recommend haemorrhoid creams which have anti-inflammatory properties that help in easing out swelling and discomfort. In severe cases, you might have to rely on medication. 

While we do not know the exact reason or the connection between haemorrhoids and erectile dysfunction, we can say that the pain and discomfort caused can weaken the pelvic muscles and can put a strain on one’s mental health. 

If you are recovering from haemorrhoids and are still dealing with erectile dysfunction then we have the perfect product for you, please make sure you ask your doctor before consuming any medication as it may cause trouble to your ongoing medication. 

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Take Away 

We hope this article has been of help to anyone who is suffering from Haemorrhoids, or even if you have symptoms of it but can not understand the reason. Please get yourself diagnosed if you see similar symptoms as mentioned above. Take proper actions to cure your body. 

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