Can a man with phimosis make a woman pregnant?

Phimosis problem


Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis (glans). The basic tight foreskin in front of the penis being that cannot be pulled back is called Phimosis or paraphimosis.

Phimosis is a condition wherein the foreskin of your penis is tighter than usual, making it difficult to retract or pull back.

In other words, Phimosis objects to the inability to retract the distal (prepuce) foreskin tipped over the glans penile part. Physiologic phimosis occurs naturally in newborn males and is easily understandable to circumcise.  

It describes a condition in which the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head or glans of the penis. It is common to be observed with uncircumcised penises in the later years of a child.

Phimosis could lead to inflammation of the penis, called balanitis, or inflammation of both the glans and the foreskin, called balanoposthitis.

Who is subjected to Phimosis?

The uncircumcised penis is prone to get affected with Phimosis. It is observed more in boys than in men. The men who fall ill to Phimosis could have got it either by self disturbances or sexually transmitted diseases.

Repeated urinary tract infections, foreskin infection, repeated rough handling of the foreskin, 

foreskin trauma are the main causes of Phimosis in older boys or younger men. Old age men could also fall ill to phimosis but it is rare compared to what the percentage is occurring in young age men and boys.

Does Phimosis affect fertility?

Does phimosis affect pregnancy? If a man is struggling with Phimosis, otherwise he is in good overall health, then his semen will be quite potent to make a woman pregnant with no delay. This is due to the fact that phimosis is a condition where your semen and testicles that produce your semen remain unaffected to each other. It is just a medical concern of your foreskin alone.

Phimosis is a condition in which the penis foreskin is unable to be retracted. This can cause problems with urination and sexual intercourse. Phimosis can also affect fertility, as it can make it difficult to deposit sperm inside the vagina. If you are concerned about how phimosis may be affecting your fertility, speak to a doctor or fertility specialist.

There is no stated scientific evidence to confirm the presence or lack of a foreskin affects fertility. Fertility is the subject of semen and testicles but not about the structural and outlook conditions of the penis.

There are a variety of infections and disorders that can affect the well-being of the penis and still be eligible for fertility.

Phimosis is a structural penile abnormality so it may affect the proper reachment of the sperm cell into the female vagina. The surgical treatment of this disorder usually solves the infertility problem, if at all the problem faced with Phimosis is an obstacle to semen right passage to the vaginal discharge. 

Phimosis could only lead to inflammation of the penis and be caused by various conditions or disorders like repeated urinary tract infections, foreskin infection, repeated rough handling of the foreskin, and foreskin trauma.

Can a man with phimosis make a woman pregnant?

Yes, definitely there is no effect on the fertility for a man making a women pregnant. As phimosis can only affect the foreskin of the men nothing else. It is never able to cause any problems with fertility issues or with their sperm count. It also does not affect semen and tests. So, women can easily get pregnant with a man with phimosis.

Men often worry that if they battle with phimosis, they won't be able to become pregnant. If a male with phimosis is otherwise healthy, his semen will be strong enough to cause a woman to get pregnant.

Phimosis may, however, make men uncomfortable during sexual activity since the foreskin may be aggressively pushed back as a result of friction.

Take Away 

The elastic behavior of the penis in changing its shape and form from flaccid to erection gives it access to compromise from Phimosis-like conditions. Masturbation and sexual intercourse are the natural way to relax from Phimosis. The serious outcoming Phimosis is only cured with surgery or the medicinal supplement under a doctor's prescription. Castor oil and coconut oil can be used to massage onto the penis foreskin in an expectation to detach the foreskin from the penile glans. Circumcision is a preventive way to Phimosis. 

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