Best vitamins for hair

Vitamins for Hair

Vitamins for Hair

Hair is a natural part of the body. It is as important as any other part. Hair has various kinds of functions which help to protect the head and the skin from various types of external damage. It also helps in the protection of the brain from heat and cold. Also, it helps to maintain body temperature by absorbing the sweat from the body and releasing it back.

The protein content of hair is sufficient to provide nourishment to the hair. However, despite this, some people do not have healthy and long hair. A lack of essential vitamins and minerals may be one of the reasons for this. Some women also experience hair loss, which is attributed to various factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, low-calorie diet, unhealthy eating habits and birth control pills.

For healthy hair growth, you should include a lot of essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. Vitamin B complex is one such group of vitamins that helps in improving the quality of hair.

Vitamins are organic compounds that are part of several metabolic reactions in our bodies. We get these vitamins from food and overall it is important to have a healthy diet that contains the right amount of all the minerals and vitamins to keep your body healthy and reduce the risk of diseases.

The beauty is that you can use many vitamins to strengthen and thicken hair. However, not all of us know what are the best vitamins for hair. It’s no secret that your hair is now considered to be one of the most important assets in your entire body. Everyone wants hair that looks good and feels good at all times. But the question is; what vitamins are good for hair? 

Which Vitamins Are Good For Hair?

To answer these questions, you must first understand that certain vitamins promote hair growth while others help in restoring the natural shine in your hair. Vitamins that promote hair growth are vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. The three of them directly improve the quality of your hair by strengthening the cells that make up your cuticles, which is the outer protective layer of your hair. They also prevent the deterioration of keratin, which is a protein that protects and heals your hair.

On top of that, these vitamins can also reduce dandruff caused by dryness and flaking of skin.

When it comes to hair, nourishment plays an important role as hygiene does because vitamins are the best allies for us, especially for our hair. Each vitamin serves a different purpose in the body. For instance, Vitamin A is good for the prevention of hair loss. Vitamin E is essential for healthy, shiny hair, while Vitamin B6 is an anti-ageing element that helps to repair damaged hair roots and make your hair grow faster.

The beauty of hair is that it gets some essential nutrients from the food we eat. Vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, calcium and iron are a few of the essential nutrients that help in hair growth. However, there are some other vitamins that you should consider adding to your diet to ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful. Vitamin D, Biotin, protein and vitamin C are a few of the other essential vitamins that promote healthy hair.

Benefits of Vitamins for Hair

Hair vitamins are essential to anyone trying to improve the texture and quality of their hair. A lack of essential vitamins can affect the growth, strength and health of hair.

The hair is made up of a protein called keratin and to ensure that the hair remains strong and healthy, you must eat foods rich in protein and other essential vitamins. Eating hair vitamins provides the body with the right nutrients to promote strong hair growth.

The benefits of taking hair vitamins are many. Hair vitamins provide the essential nutrients needed to keep up a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Hair vitamins are known to help boost hair growth and strengthen hair roots. Here are some of the benefits of hair vitamins that you must know:

  1. Hair vitamins have keratin in them. Keratin is found in hair and nails. It helps in strengthening both the roots and the strands.
  1. Biotin, zinc, and selenium are all essential parts of follicles. They promote healthy hair growth.
  1. Hair vitamins also help reduce hair fall, especially in the case of women going through menopause.
  1. Hair vitamins, especially those from Mars by GHC contain essential nutrients that can help treat thinning hair.
  1. Hair vitamins also help nourish your hair so they look healthier and stronger than ever before.
  1. Some hair vitamins also have omega-rich oils that can be used as a facial moisturizer or a conditioner for your scalp.

The nutrients needed to promote thick, beautiful hair include:

Biotin: Biotin is a B complex vitamin. It's required by the body for growth, and to keep the skin, hair, and nails healthy. Biotin is important for reproductive health, immunity, and glucose metabolism. 

Can be found in many foods such as egg yolks, soybeans, nuts, fish and bananas. It can also help in reducing dandruff and improving the health of your nails. 

Biotin aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It is important for energy production and the metabolism of nutrients and is involved in the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol, DNA and RNA. Below, you'll find out what biotin is and some of its most important benefits.

The Benefits of Biotin Tablets for Hair:

Biotin is a B complex vitamin, also known as Vitamin H. It is water-soluble and is needed for growth. It's also used to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. Biotin is thought to prevent hair loss in women and men, as well as prevent greying of hair. People who take biotin supplements have reported thicker, fuller hair after a few months. You can take biotin supplements to help strengthen your hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth.

B-Complex Vitamins: Vitamins B5, B6, B12, and folic acid help ensure that your body is healthy from the inside out. B-Complex Vitamins help regulate your metabolism, keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. Without B-Complex Vitamins, your hair will lose its shine and become thin.

Zinc and Magnesium: Both zinc and magnesium are considered essential minerals that our bodies cannot produce but must be obtained from the foods we eat (or supplements).

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that we need to get from our diet to have healthy skin and hair. Getting enough vitamin A in your diet can also help you maintain a healthy weight, boost your immune system and even fight scalp infections.

Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for hair growth. This vitamin promotes the health of your skin and mucous membranes, ensuring that your scalp stays healthy too. This vitamin plays an important role in wound healing as well.

Vitamin A is essential for strong, healthy hair because it has two important functions. First, vitamin A promotes the growth of cells. The new cells that grow in the hair are what make your hair strong and shiny. Meanwhile, vitamin A also plays a role in the production of sebum -- which is the natural oil of the scalp that prevents hair from drying out or becoming brittle.

Vitamin C: The benefits of eating Vitamin C for hair can’t be ignored. This vitamin is very important in the production and maintenance of collagen, which plays a vital role in hair health. Vitamin C helps to treat hair loss by limiting the rate of hair loss. It also helps in preventing further damage to your hair.

In cases where there is a deficiency of Vitamin C, you can experience certain hair problems like premature greying of the hair, thinning of the hair, or even complete baldness.

Take Away

Throughout our lives, our hair undergoes several changes. From the time we are born till we grow old, our hair is exposed to different environmental and biological factors that affect its growth. Biotin is undisputedly one of the most essential vitamins for healthy hair.

The nutrients and proteins that your body needs for good hair are found in most foods. While you should always consider a well-balanced diet, if you’re trying to restore your hair, improving your diet can help. Having a good-quality supplement is also beneficial. 

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