Best Beard Styles For Men

beard styles for men

Beard Styles For Men

Beard styles for men aren't always easy to come by. The first step is picking a style that represents you. Knowing your own facial features and preferences is the foundation of any beard style. But that doesn’t mean just knowing your nose, cheekbones, and other physical features. It also means knowing what brands to trust in finding the right styles.

Beards have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. This is mainly due to the fact that many men want to look good and feel like themselves. From funny to edgy, dramatic and expressive beards are becoming an important part of manly fashion.

There are hundreds of different styles to choose from and you may be thinking of starting a beard as soon as possible. But how do you know what style is right for you? Well I've got good news for you!

Whether it be to show off their style or simply to try something new — it's an undeniable part of men’s beauty regimen. Even so, if you are looking for a trendy look be sure to check out this list of unique beards that will leave people wondering where you got them from.

Short Beard Styles

  • Scruffy Beard:

It's a lengthier version of stubble. Be it a patchy beard or thick beard, this a style for everyone. It takes around 2-4 weeks during which you might need trim in the neckline region if required. It might be a little itchy so you need to be hydrated to avoid itchiness.
  • Corporate Beard:

Beard length does not exceed 3 inches and is always trimmed so maintain a neat and tidy look. It is named so because it is suitable for office environments. Trimming your neckline and cheek line neatly and skilfully is very important to achieve this look.
  • Short Rounded Beard:

It is a version of corporate beard, but follows the natural curve of your cheek. Beard length remains upto 3 inches and might need to grow for at least 2 months. Beard is trimmed giving a round shape.
  • Short Boxed Beard:

This is also a version of a corporate beard but it takes an angular shape giving more definition to beard as it has sharper edges. The beard in the chin region is a little lengthier than at the sideburns of the jaw.
  • Hollywoodian:

Hollywoodian also known as extended Goatee, it is a combination of goatee and mustache. Sideburns are removed to highlight the jawline. Make sure not to trim the neckline too much
  • Goatee:

Goatee is characterized with beard hair only in the region of chin and no sideburns. There are many styles with in Goatee and need meticulous sculpting.
  • Chin Strap Style beard:

This beard style has a distinctive feature of beard in just circles of the chin.
  • Chin Strip:  

This style is the most simple style to maintain with just a verticle line of beard across the chin area. Suitable for oblong or rectangular face shapes.
  • Verdi:

A classy  iconic style named after Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. The Verdi beard  does not exceed 4 inches of length and has short sideburns with rounded shape near the chin region. The main highlight of the timeless style is the long curly mustaches combed to the sides.
  • Corona Beard:  

As you might have already heard of this ongoing trend since Covid lockdown. The Corona beard is a low maintained and natural beard without any trimmings.


Partial Beard Styles:

  • Stubble Beard:

Also called 5o’clock shadow is also a short beard style. It's a classic style and takes very less time to grow. It takes around 1-5 days to grow this style depending on the thickness and darkness of your beard. Be it Adam Levine or Ranbir Kapoor, stubble beard is an effortlessly elegant beard style.
  • Chevron Mustaches:

The mustache is grown naturally following the normal line. A little stubble beard is also grown for chevron beard.
  • Beardstache:

Beardstache is a mix of stubble and mustache beard and doesn't  require much work for maintaining it. It just needs regular trimmings.
  • Patchy Beard:

For those who have a patchy beard growth then you can learn to make into a better looking beard. With a thick mustache and goatee, let your beard grow, giving a cool look.
  • Mutton Chops:

Famous for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine look, it’s a old fashioned beard style. Mutton chops are distinct lengthy thick beard hair at the sideburn region with no connection to chin or even mustache.


Medium Beard Styles

  • Power Beard:

It is a long but well tamed beard. The beard length ranges from 4 inches to 6 inches and takes around 6 months to grow. However wavy. Even if you beard is wavy, you could just comb and apply wax to your beard.
  • Power beard with walrus mustache:

This is similar to power beard except for a walrus mustache
  • Power beard with trimmed mustache:

This is similar to Power beard with a minor difference of trimming the moustache.
  • Viking Beard:

Vikings often associated with fearlessness and strength, has many types of styles under it. General characteristics include long unruly unkempt beards often with similarly long hair.  Just like Jason Mamoa style.


    Long Beard Styles

    • Yeard:

    This is a beard style which needs to be grown for one full year to get a 6 inches beard. You can trim in between whenever required.
    • Tweard:

    This is a next version of yeard beard, where you need to grow your beard for 2 year till it gets a 12 inches length.  Trimming is generally avoided.
    • Terminal Beards:

    Beard grows at the average rate of ½ an inch per month, thus growing 6 inches a year. Terminal beards are grown for 6 long years till 36 inches after which it does not grow any further.
    • Bandholz Beard:

    Bandholz is a style where a beard is grown freely along a mustache connected to it. It gives a strong, rugged, aggressive look to you.


    Beard Styles According To Face Shapes

    • Oval face shape:

    Partial beards like stubble, chevron etc go well for oval shaped faces.
    • Oblong/ Rectangle :

    Mutton chops, chin strip, chin strap style and other short beard types suit well for this face shape
    • Square face shape:  

    Circular goatee, goatee, are suitable beard styles for square shaped face. 
    • Round face shape:

    Styles like Short boxed beard, short rounded bard,hollywoodian etc which are shorter on the sides and lengthier at the chhin gives a well defined look.
    • Diamond face shape:

    Choose a beard style which will accentuate your natural jawline such as corporate beard,  short boxed beard etc will suit well for you.
    • Triangular face shape:

    Beard styles such as beardstache which deviates the attention from the prominent chin will be a good option for you.


    Beard Grooming Care:

    1. Wash your beard regularly:

    Helps in removing dead cells and remove any bacterial growth. Thus helping in maintaining a healthy environment.

    2. Use beard oil:

    You need to try and test a few beard oils to find a right one for you. To help you in taming your unruly beard and also to promote beard growth.

    3. Be patient:

    Depending on the length and style you want, your beard needs time to grow and patience. Sometimes you don't get desired results but patience and care is all you need.

    4. Have a proper diet:

    Vitamins like B5, B3,B9,omega 3 fatty acids help in beard growth. Foods like meat, nuts, eggs, milk etc are very good sources of nutrients helpful for beard growth.

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