Benefits of Vajrasana and how to do it?

Vajrasana benefits

Vajrasana benefits 

Vajrasana is one of the easiest yoga poses with infinite benefits for the body and mind. Today we will be talking about this amazing simple yoga pose that you can and you must do every day for a healthy body and mind. 

Yoga can not be defined by mere words, it is mindblowing, it helps you heal, relax and find solitude in yourself. We would recommend yoga to every young and old soul as it has unimaginable benefits on your body. 

Vajrasana’s name comes from the Sanskrit word vajra, which means thunderbolt or diamond.

For this pose, you kneel and then sit back on your legs to take the weight off your knees. You need to simply breathe in and be mindful of your breathing, you can also meditate in this position it will be very helpful for your mind. 

Here are some of the things vajrasana can help you with:

  • helps in keeping the mind calm and stable
  • cures digestive acidity and gas formation in the body
  • helps to relieve knee pain
  • strengthens thigh muscles
  • helps to relieve back pain
  • strengthens sexual organs
  • helps in treating urinary issues
  • increases blood circulation in the body
  • helps to reduce obesity
  • helps in reducing menstrual cramps

Benefits Of Vajrasana

After talking about vajrasana in brief, let us get into the benefits of this wonderful asana.

Useful for our Digestive System 

Performing vajrasana helps our stomach-related framework from multiple points of view. It hinders the bloodstream to our legs and thighs and expands it in our stomach region, subsequently further developing our defecations and soothing stoppage. 

Vajrasana likewise assists us with disposing of corrosiveness. It guarantees better retention of supplements by our body. Normally any sort of activity or yoga isn't performed following having dinners. Be that as it may, it is a great idea to perform Vajrasana after suppers since it helps acid reflux. 

Eases Low Back Pain 

Performing Vajrasana assists with reinforcing our lower back muscles, accordingly giving alleviation from infrequent torment and uneasiness. It likewise assists with alleviating torment brought about by sciatica. 

Alleviates Rheumatic Pain 

Performing Vajrasana assists with expanding the adaptability of thigh and foot muscles and furthermore the muscles around our hip, knees, and lower legs. This assists with alleviating rheumatic agony around there because of solidness. 

Vajrasana additionally helps in lessening heel torment caused because of calcaneal prods and torment because of gout. 

Reinforces Pelvic Floor Muscles 

Performing Vajrasana expands the blood course in the pelvis and reinforces our pelvic floor muscles. It is consequently helpful for ladies experiencing pressure urinary incontinence. It additionally assists with backing out work torments and feminine spasms. 

Assists with quieting Our Mind 

Vajrasana is a decent asana to rehearse reflection. Performing breathing activities in this posture assists with quieting our psyche and advantage us inwardly. 

Vajrasana diminishes pressure, further develops focus, and wards gloom and nervousness of. 

Treats Hypertension otherwise called High Blood Pressure 

Vajrasana assists with lessening pressure, pulse levels and accordingly shields us from different cardiovascular issues. 

Further develops Sleep 

Performing Vajrasana quiets us and diminishes pressure and tension. It along these lines helps us in getting a decent night's rest. 

Lessens Obesity 

Vajrasana supports our assimilation and assists with decreasing paunch fat. It is observed to be successful in lessening BMI (Body Mass Index) and Obesity.

How To Perform Vajrasana 

After talking about all the wonderful benefits let us now get into how you can easily perform vajrasana. Here are some easy steps that you can use. 

  • Start this yoga pose by kneeling in a downward position. You can sit on a yoga mat or any mat that is available at your home, just make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.
  • After getting comfortable, gently sit back on your legs, take the weight off your knees.
  • Then keep a gap of four fingers between your knees and sit erect with your buttocks resting on your heels, try to be comfortable. Make sure the thighs of both the legs are resting on both the calves respectively and the big toe of both your feet are touching.
  • Then place your hands on your knees, keep your back erect and look straight with a forward gaze, keep your head straight and chin parallel to the ground.
  • Concentrate on your breathing as you slowly inhale and exhale air, in and out of your lungs, take mindful breaths and have positive affirmations going on in your mind at the time of performing this asana.
  • Try to remain in this position for 5 to 10 minutes. You can gradually increase the time to around 30 minutes per day as and when you feel comfortable. 

Take Away

Vajrasana is one of the best asanas that you can perform, it is one of the easiest yoga poses with infinite benefits not only for your body but for your mind too. We hope you liked all the information we shared above, make sure you do practice this yoga pose once or twice a day to calm your mind.

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