Benefits of apple for skin

Benefits of Apples

Benefits of Apples  

Apples are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. Consuming apples is highly beneficial when it comes to boosting skin, hair and body health. 

Apples are a good source of vitamin C and dietary fiber, and they help you lose weight by supporting healthy digestion and reducing appetite. 

 Here are some of the benefits that come from eating apples:

  1. Prevents Heart Diseases – Apples are rich in pectin and other fibers, which help in lowering cholesterol, protecting against heart diseases and also preventing diabetes.
  1. Good for Digestion – Apples are rich in dietary fiber and contain natural enzymes, which helps in making digestion easier and preventing constipation. In addition to this, apples contain pectin, a soluble fiber, which absorbs water and helps in keeping stool soft.
  1. Helps you Lose Weight – Apples have a low-calorie count (around 60 calories per apple), are rich in water content and make you feel fuller for a long time so that you eat less during the day.

In the recent past, there has been a significant shift in the choice of fruits and vegetables that people are making while buying them. From apples to pineapples, many people have started adding them to their diet. This has seen a rise in the popularity of these fruits and caused a decrease in the consumption of other fruits like bananas and watermelons.

Many studies have shown that apples can help cure many ailments and problems. They are also known for their antioxidants, which help fight many diseases. They are rich in Vitamin C and can help remedy acid reflux, heartburn and indigestion.

The consumption of apples can have a positive effect on the hair health of a person. If a person wishes to have shiny and beautiful hair, then it is recommended to eat apples regularly. These have natural compounds like proteins and Vitamin C that help in making the hair glossy. They also help prevent premature greying of hair.

Beauty Benefits of Apples

As we dig deeper into the world of beauty, we explore various ways that you can pamper yourself. It’s the season of apples! When you’re not busy making your way through a bag of fresh, juicy apples, you can use them to make these popular drinks, desserts, and skincare products.

Apples have a number of benefits for your skin. The main ingredient that makes apples so great for your skin is quercetin. This antioxidant can protect your skin from harmful free radicals and has been shown in many studies to be effective in soothing skin conditions such as hives, eczema and dermatitis.

Apple is among the nutritious and healthy fruits that are present in nature. It is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibers. The presence of all these health elements makes apples a very important and healthy food option. 

The presence of flavonoids in apples plays a major role in boosting health. Flavonoids are known to prevent cancer initiation and progression as they neutralize the free radicals, thus preventing oxidative stress. They also help to create new blood vessels in the body, thus aiding better circulation.

The benefits of apples for skin and hair have been widely known. The presence of malic acid in apples helps to remove dead skin cells and clear off the clogged pores. This enables the proper functioning of both skin and hair, thus preventing a number of skin issues including acne, redness, dryness etc. The vitamin C present in apples helps to strengthen hair roots and prevents hairs from falling off.

  1. Moisturizing Apple Face Scrub: Honey is a natural humectant, which means that it attracts moisture from the air to your skin. Apples are naturally sweet, so add grated apples to your honey for one of the simplest moisturizing face scrubs around.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne: Apply raw apple cider vinegar to your skin twice daily with a cotton ball or pad for acne treatment. The acidic pH of the cider vinegar will kill bacteria on your skin that contributes to breakouts and prevent blemishes from forming.
  1. Hydrates the Skin: The water content in apples is very high, so even eating an apple will help with hydration. You can also use apples to cleanse your skin. Just cover your face with apple slices and leave them on until slices are dry, for at least about 15-20minutes. The Vitamin E in apples will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
  1. UV Protection: Apples contain nutrients that are widely popular for providing extra sun protection. You can also use apples to treat sunburns and also prevent your skin from the affected areas from peeling off. 

The vitamins and other components of apples help in repairing damaged skin as well. Grate an apple to create some apple pulp and add a spoon of glycerin. Blend properly and apply this mixture to your face and skin. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. 

Alternatively, you can also mix raw honey with apple juice and apply it to your skin before stepping out in the sun. You could also reapply it to rejuvenate your skin. This remedy will have a cooling effect on your skin and prevent itchy spots.

Take Away

Apples have been long valued for their health benefits. It is rich in vitamin A, which is an anti-ageing antioxidant. It also has vitamin C, which enhances the production of collagen that keeps our skin elastic, smooth and supple.

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