Benefits and side effects of oil sex

Oil Sex

Oil sex

Oil sex is taking comfort at sexual activity taking place at genital with the induce of oil as a lubricant at the spot so that there would be some difference exposed compared to what is experienced during the normal sex. 

This oil sex, of using oil as a lubricant at the genital organs does compose both benefits and side effects, but people do look at benefits of oil sex and be guarded away from its side effects.

In fact, oil sex is the most favorite way of sexual intercourse that made the lubricant the best selling adult product worldwide.

Lubricants are known to enhance the sex drive in which oil is the cheap and best use in practice lubricant that most of the population prefer and use.

The oils that are used for oil sex are known to be called sex grease that eases various conditions through sexual activity or intercourse.

Benefits of oil sex

Best groom time

Oil sex makes sexual partners groom each other so well which may not be possible during normal sex.

Oil can be used to massage the body and genitals that one feels so attached to another.

Oil gives a smooth and soft coat to the skin that the pleasure sensing glands act more vibrantly.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The inability of men to raise their penis in response to their sexual urge is called Erectile Dysfunction. The inability of men to maintain the erected penis standstill throughout sexual intercourse is called Erectile Dysfunction. The impotent behavior in male sexual orientation is called Erectile Dysfunction.

Oil sex would definitely retreat the objective of erectile dysfunction, and help the person to mantle better coordination in the sexual activity.

Ease of intercourse

The genitals are known to be tight and solid so that the sexual partners may face various worries during sexual intercourse.

The rigidness and tightness compounded in the material science of genitals sometimes may not even allow the intercourse, too.

Such cases need lubricant as a catalyst to successfully achieve intercourse between the genitals.

In fact, the ease of sexual intercourse is the first most factor in the foreplay of oil sex.

The butt-hole or vaginal hole is known to be tight whereas the penis is known to be big and different shaped resulting in unmatched diameters during sexual intercourse.

When oil is applied gently onto the genitals, the viscosity of the oil is known to revamp onto the skin texture of the genitals giving chance to easy motion between two genital skin overlap with one another.


The oiled sex is known to be long lasting activity. The oil involves right from grooming one's own genitals to grooming a sexual partner's genitals, too.

The movement mechanism observed in the oil sex is supposed to be long-lasting for the bodies overlap with one another with less gripping behavior.

The less grip between the bodies allows the sexual activity to work out for a long time to reach an essential orgasm.

Help prevent premature ejaculation

The skins loosened over the coat of oil would make the genital nerves or muscles get less force of action from the genital even though the genital is working rapidly.

This phenomenon would not allow the penis to eject early.

Frictionless sexual intercourse

Sexual activity or intercourse is known to be high friction giving action that could hurt or cut or burn the genitals from the thrusting force or momentum of genitals in correspondence to each other.

Oil sex would really relieve the genital skin texture and body tone from roughness and rigidness resulting in smooth and soft sexual intercourse.

Side effects of oil sex

The oils used in the course of oil sex could be naturally extracted but still contain their own chemicals or properties that could contribute to skin irritation, respiratory symptoms, and even hormone-related symptoms.

Thus, oil sex has its own side effects besides its overlooked benefits.


To the definition, oil is any nonpolar chemical substance that is a viscous liquid at ambient temperatures.

Viscosity is a tendency to prolong interpersonal encounters.

The viscous nature of the oil makes it too attached to the skin texture once applied enough.

The cleaning process after sexual intercourse would freak out the sexual partners involved in the oil sex.

Too wet

The wet haters would definitely hate oil sex. Oil is a liquid, a viscous liquid that would stick wetness to the skin for a very long time that could irritate the personalities.

Chances of oil going deep into the genital holes.

The oil applied at the genitals that carry holes to the internal body structure could possibly be allowed inside into the body during sexual intercourse that could lead to serious infections and damages.

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