Benefits and side effects of multani mitti on hair

Multani mitti for hair

Multani mitti

Multani mitti, also known as the Fuller’s Earth is very popular in Indian households. Our ancestors have been using Multani mitti for centuries for various reasons, may it be to treat acne, to reduce hair fall, to calm an irritated scalp, or to treat a burn mark. 

In today’s time there are various clay masks that have surfaced on the internet but Multani mitti is the oldest natural clay that is being used, this natural clay is rich in minerals including magnesium, silica, and iron which are all great for our skin as well as our hair.

Multani mitti has some incredible absorbent properties that allow it to soak up the excess sebum, and on the same hand, it also helps in cleansing the roots and hair follicles leaving the scalp conditioned. Multani mitti is also known for its exfoliating and skin tightening properties, which help in removing dead skin and can also help in controlling acne. 

We know most people are unaware of Multani mitti so for all our new readers we will be talking about both benefits and side effects of Multani mitti for your hair. 

Benefits Of Multani Mitti For Hair 

Let us start on an exciting note so here are all the benefits of Multani Mitti for your hair. 

Provides deep conditioning

One of the best things that Multani mitti offers us is the deep condition of our hair follicles. It is a great product to cleanse your scalp of all the environmental impurities like dirt and bacteria. If you are someone who suffers from frizzy hair then Multani mitti will make sure that your hair looks less frizzy and has an undying shine. Multani mitti is a god-sent product that keeps the hair hydrated and nourished and also absorbs all the extra sedum that is produced by the scalp.

Improves blood circulation 

Multani mitti is a very versatile ingredient and can be used in a lot of hair packs with different ingredients, this natural clay helps in stimulating dormant hair follicles and helps in boosting blood circulation in the scalp. With improved blood circulation, our hair will instantly look a lot healthier and fuller. Regular use of Multani mitti on your scalp will also help in controlling hair fall and bringing back the natural volume to your hair.

Repairs damaged hair 

We like in the times when we all love experimenting with our hair color or different hairstyles, however, we often ignore the damage that these chemicals have on our hair. Multani mitti is one of the best natural and organic ways in which you can treat and repair your damaged hair and can bring your hair back to life. This natural clay helps in strengthening your hair shaft to ensure that the hair is smooth and lustrous.

Keeps the scalp healthy 

It is essential to use a hydrating and nourishing cleanser for your scalp and you must always opt for a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner. You can always switch to Multani mitti act as a hair cleanser as it not only helps in purifying the scalp by eliminating germs and bacteria but it also works as an excellent conditioner. Enriched with minerals, Multani mitti is also a great natural ingredient to prevent flakiness, dandruff and itching.

Makes the hair follicles stronger 

Last but not least, Multani mitti is enriched with all the natural nutrients that are required by our scalp to maintain healthy hair and maintain a healthy scalp. Multani mitti also helps in reducing hair fall and amping up the hair growth, it also leads to stronger, lustrous, and gorgeous hair. 

Side Effects Of Multani Mitti for Hair

After talking about the benefits of Multani mitti now let us get into the side effects of multani mitti on hair.

If Multani Mitti is applied on hair for more than 2 times a week, it can cause dandruff and dryness in the scalp. It can also leads to premature greying of the hair. Multani mitti also has another major side effect: once it dries and sets, it gets stuck in hair, making it painful to remove and clean. These are some of the very adverse side effects of Multani Mitti for hair.

A lot of people who think eating Multani mitti will help their hair to grow thicker or shinier please be aware that it is for external use only, Multani mitti should not be consumed as it can cause indigestion and can lead to stomach issues. 

  • Maybe too drying: A lot of times Multani mitti can be extremely drying for the scalp as it has absorbent qualities and tends to absorb the natural oils of the scalp, which is a good thing if you have an oily scalp, but if you have a normal scalp then this could lead to extreme dryness which can be a reason for hair fall. So, if you have dandruff and a flaky scalp it may make your scalp extremely dry which can be harmful to your hair follicles. 
  • Use in small quantities: Multani mitti must be used in a small quantity on occasions as its drying effect can lead to damaged and dull hair, it can also change the texture of your hair if used frequently.
  • May dull hair shine: Multani mitti has a pH higher than our hair, our natural pH level is supposed to be between 5-6 and if it is disturbed it can cause dullness and dryness. If you use Multani mitti frequently then this can dull your hair’s natural shine and can make them dry and brittle. 
  • Can lead to hair fall: a lot of times applying Multani mitti is not the biggest challenge but removing it is, when it is applied on our face it becomes extremely dry and takes so much effort to come out. Imagine that but only on your hair, it can sound like a nightmare. Removing Multani mitti can also lead to hair breakage, so be very careful when you use it. 

Take Away 

Multani mitti has some benefits and side effects, anything used in abundance can be harmful to our hair and skin. Make sure you balance out your uses if you are using Multani mitti on your hair then make sure you nourish your scalp with oil massage to restore the moisture. We hope you liked the information we shared above, do give Multani mitti a try as it is a lump of natural clay and can not do much harm.

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