Beard washing mistakes to avoid

How to wash beard

Beard washing mistakes

Facial hair grooming has been on the rise in India, especially for men. It is considered a symbol of masculinity and dominance. Men are willing to go through all the effort just to grow a good-looking beard. If you are a man or you are getting ready to let your facial hair grow, make sure it is clean at all times. As one undertakes the journey of growing a beard, it is essential to know what mistakes to avoid while washing a beard. 

Beards are certainly both stylish and trendy, but keeping them in good shape is not an easy task. You have to make sure your beard is always clean and well-groomed, just like everything else on your body. 

Washing your beard is important to remove dirt, grime, and leftover food particles that can cause irritation and infections.

What is The Right Way to Wash Your Beard?

Do not use regular shampoo: Shampoo for hair contains chemicals that can strip the natural moisture from your skin and beard. For this reason, regular shampoos should be avoided at all costs.

To get a soft and manageable beard, you need to wash it at least twice a week and moisturize it with a good conditioner after you wash it. Be sure to rinse all the soap well, because if there is still soap residue on your beard, you will look grimy.

Washing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy beard. If you do not allow any beard wash, it will lose its shine and will look unkempt. Apply some beard wash after shampooing your hair as it prevents removing natural oils from your hair and allows it to stay moisturized.

Beard Washing Mistakes to Avoid:

There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to greasing up the beard, and most guys have no clue. You need to know the right way to wash your beard because washing is essential to maintain a dirt-free and infection-free beard.

The right beard oil for you

Beard oils are a dime a dozen these days, and we mean that in a good way. But not all beard oils are created equal. Some oils are better suited to certain hair types and growth patterns.

Your beard washing routine – how often?

Whether you realize it or not, washing your beard is just as important as washing your face itself. Just like you take care of your skin underneath your beard, you should also take care of the skin on top of your beard. Wash your beard every 2 - 3 days using an SLS-free shampoo.

Using Soap or Shampoo with Sulfates

Sulfates, the cleansing agents that are found in shampoo are harsh for your hair and skin. Sulfates strip the oil which could be causing the flakes to form on your scalp and face. Always use SLS-free shampoos to protect your beard and the skin beneath it.

Not Drying Your Beard Properly

Too much moisture can make your beard unhygienic. Therefore, always pat dry your beard after washing to remove the excess moisture.

Washing Your Beard With too Hot or too Cold Water

Extreme hot and cold water can make your beard dry. It makes a perfect ground for acne and other facial infections. So, it is highly recommended to use lukewarm water while washing your beard because lukewarm water can help you get rid of skin irritants.

Vigorous Rubbing

Always pat dry your beard and face. Avoid rubbing, because the friction between the towel and your face can remove the safety barrier of fatty acids, lipids, and proteins that protects the skin from irritants.

Tips for a healthy beard

The growth of a beard is a crucial sign of masculinity and manhood but let’s face it, maintaining a healthy beard is one of the most tedious tasks.

In today’s world, you can easily find many products to care for your beard but you still need to know how to use them. Mars By GHC has curated a series of tips that will help your beard grow and look healthy while preventing it from dandruff, itching or blackheads, etc.

Consider your diet

Make sure you're getting enough nutrients from your diet and avoid following a highly processed diet. Include foods that are rich in biotin like eggs, almonds, walnuts, spinach, etc.

Clean the skin under your beard

A long and healthy beard is a dream of every man. A healthy beard is not possible only with the help of good beard oil and a comb. There are other things to be kept in mind as well to keep the beard healthy and shiny.

Keep the skin under your beard clean by taking regular showers with a gentle shampoo. It helps prevent acne and makes your beard look healthy.

A healthy beard not only makes you look manlier and more handsome but also reflects your personality and attitude to the world.

The feeling of having a perfectly shaped and well-maintained beard is like no other. The right beard care routine will not only give you a groomed appearance but also make the most out of your facial hair.

Take Away 

A healthy beard requires some basic maintenance. If your beard looks dry, brittle, and rough you need to wash it regularly. It is always better to wash your beard with a mild and gentle shampoo or soap and use a high-quality conditioner. A good conditioner will help you to get rid of any tangles and keep your beard smooth and shiny.



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