Are derma rollers effective for beard growth

Derma roller for beard growth

Derma rollers for beard growth 

Have beards become an integral part of your fashion too? Well, this is because your beard is unique to you and it reflects your personality and identity. 

You need to take beard grooming seriously if you want to maintain an attractive look. So what's trending in the beard world these days? Derma rollers! 

What is Derma Roller? 

In layman's terms, a derma roller is a small instrument that has a lot of tiny needles on it. Due to the size of the needles and their proximity to each other, the derma-roller can give you innumerable micro-injuries on your skin. 

Due to these painless injuries, your skin then rushes in to fill up these injuries, and in doing so, some of its building blocks (e.g. collagen) get deposited in the injured area, thus hydrating the skin and making it look younger. 

A single use of the derma-roller leads to thickening of the skin by 10% and repeated use leads to even better results.

The derma roller is made up of tiny needles, and as it rolls on the skin, the needles puncture the skin to a certain depth and make scars in the upper layers of the skin. 

These scars are called micropores and are responsible for promoting the generation of new cells in the epidermis.

The process of making scars in the skin cells is called collagen induction therapy. 

Since scars can be made only in the upper layers of the skin, this treatment is effective only till a particular depth and hence it has got few limitations.

There is no important aspect of grooming a beard other than the way it looks. If your beard is patchy, it can affect the overall appearance of your beard. Patchy beards are generally found in men who have very little facial hair.

How do Derma Rollers help in Beard Growth?

Derma rollers help in improving beard health because it activates collagen and keratin production. Derma rollers also make it possible for nutrient-rich blood to reach the beard.

Derma rollers help in blood circulation which improves skin health. Derma rollers also activate stem-cell growth factors.

Derma Rollers for Patchy Beard

Derma rollers have been clinically proven to solve a patchy beard because it promotes beard growth in the bald areas by nourishing the beard from the roots. Derma rollers also increase blood circulation and collagen production. 

How to Pick the Right Derma Roller?

Derma rollers of different needle lengths are available in the market and you can buy longer needles for home use but it is best to stick to a 0.5 mm derma roller to reduce the risk of skin damage.

How to Use Derma Roller on Beard?

Step 1. Sanitize your derma roller with alcohol or wash with warm water to sterilize.

Step 2. Wash your beard properly by opening the hairline gaps.

Step 3. Gently use the derma roller 4 to 8 times in all directions on your beard.

Step 4. Wash your face and apply beard serum.

Step 5. Rinse the derma roller in warm water or sanitize with an alcohol solution.

Other Uses of Derma Roller

Derma rollers were initially used by dermatologists on patients to boost collagen production to treat facial scars and rejuvenate the skin.

Now-a-days, derma rollers are also used as a technique to inject therapeutic drugs and vaccines into the skin. Derma rollers have gained popularity as a home treatment to enhance the appearance of skin and fight the signs of early ageing like loss of skin firmness and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Many people also find derma rollers useful to reduce pore size and the excess production of sebum. Derma rollers are also used to improve the appearance of stretch marks but there is no authenticity of this benefit that has been proved yet.

Beard Grooming Tips

Your grooming habits and beard maintenance determine the kind of beard you will get. 

That is why it is important for you to be aware of the beard growth techniques that can help you achieve the look that you want.

Did you know that by using these beard growth techniques, you could make your beard grow faster? Some of those techniques include:

  • Making sure that you keep your beard clean.
  • Wash it regularly using beard oil or any other SLS-free beard shampoo of your choice. 
  • Extreme hot and cold water can make your beard dry. It makes a perfect ground for acne and other facial infections. So, it is highly recommended to use lukewarm water while washing your beard because lukewarm water can help you get rid of skin irritants.
  • Too much moisture can make your beard unhygienic. Therefore, always pat dry your beard after washing to remove the excess moisture.
  • Brush your beard using a boar bristle brush at least once every day. 
  • Apply beard oil or any other facial moisturizer to rejuvenate your facial hair and prevent itching.
  • Consume or apply essential oils to stimulate hair growth.

Take Away 

It has now become an important outlook for men to stay fit and healthy by taking proper care of themselves in various aspects. With the help of a derma roller, men can rejuvenate their skin as it contains tiny micro-needles that help in the production of new skin cells.

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