8 Wedding night tips for men who never had sex before

Wedding night tips

Wedding night tips 

Despite the contradiction of having sex on the wedding night as trade and tradition in this vast societal perspective world, most couples may not compound sexual thought on the very first night of their life together. In fact, according to a given survey, fifty percent of people do not indulge in sex on the wedding night.

The reasons are many for not indulging in sex on the wedding night. Right from the stress and strain composed out of standing and stilling throughout the wedding program to the shyness and openness still existing in between the couple.

Coming to people who never had sex before is way too less these days as the society is changing with the new generation people are anxious about sex in their earlier age itself that they are going to losing their virginity way early to life that they are so experienced to the wedding night.

We may find too few people who haven't lost their virginity yet and are systematically waiting to lose it with the marital affair. These people are most probably numb, innocent, awkward, embarrassing, and mindless selves.

Upon that, it is very hard to figure out a couple who both the partners are virgins to the date of the wedding. This kind of couple may look cute, beautiful, and benevolent, as we know, it is hard to find them.

However, virginity is the most confidential information in human life which wouldn't be a thing of discussion even if it is revolving in the head of wandering, in both the partners of the marital engagement.

Still, we may go deep into the question of how does it feel to be a virgin on the wedding night and learn a few tips to get successfully out of the business of doing sex on the wedding night.

8 Wedding night tips for a virgin to have sex

First of all, a wedding is a grand event of wearing full of traditional dresses and getting wet in the sweat of the body shit, whereas sex is the coupling of two bodies which could be most probably completely naked.

Wedding night is the most relaxing time found on Earth after posing to people for a long time, experiencing it for the first time in life.

A reckless man may go hook the duck of her but men most naturally act civilized as opposed to their intentions.

Let's discuss the tips.

Do not think about others, not even parents

Wedding is acceptance of a life partner in a societal look up that one must be utmost clear that it is his life and he need not be shy out to people for being taking responsibility or about to lean on someone else. This clarity would not only help the man on the night but the life long.

Learn about sexual intercourse

The virgin is completely inexperienced in what does sex or sexual intercourse feels like. It is better to go surf the internet and figure out what is what with sex and sexual intercourse. He may also better see some pornography before getting ready to lose virginity.

Don't be too wild, don't be too loose

Sexual intercourse is a pleasure meeting but could lead to painful moments if some mistake takes place. Sexual intercourse is the interaction of genitals which are the most sensitive in the whole body system.

A virgin is like a cobra that has force but lacks direction. A virgin could handle the sexual partner as solid and intense as an experience that could go wild and tear the woman's genitals, too bad. Be conscious.

Don't bring the question of a virgin or nonvirgin

The question of virginity is too bad for a relationship. The question of virginity is too much of a terror to a marital affair. Better keep that thing away from the mind and go attractive to the opposite irrespective of doubts.

Prefer vaginal sex to anal sex or oral sex

Anal sex is the intercourse of the penis into the anal cavity which is the way to human waste excretion, whereas vaginal sex is the penile intercourse into the vaginal cavity which is put in front of a woman's body. Anal sex is definite to reach penis to shit whereas vaginal sex does not allow the penis to experience urine.

Vaginal sex would bring down sexual intimacy between two people and possible to make a great bonding.

To show nastiness is an indicator of closeness between two people. Anal sex and oral sex are typically nasty businesses that may dissolve respect for one another if attempted on the very first night of a marital relationship.

Be a social animal

A virgin may not experience his wilderness. He is better at acting as a social animal and balances both human nature and animal nature in life. Otherwise, he could be demotivated and considered incapable.

Don't panic if you or your sexual partner bleed

Sex is a wild act and a virgin would experience it for the first time. The virgin's genitals are tight and sensitive compared to that of an experienced. The first time sex could cut the skin or the internals of the genitals that could lead to bleeding. Do not panic but be clear of the reason for the bleeding.

Prefer traditional wear on wedding night sex

Sleeping on traditional wear at least for the wedding night is a one-time and lifetime experience. Attempting sexual intercourse on traditional wear could help the anxieties to settle down and be better at sexual intercourse.

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