8 Places to have a quick romp


Quick romps

Quick romps are the instant sexual or romantic acts that would be concluded in a lesser time like five to seven minutes with achieved satisfaction.

Quick romps are the informal spell to quick ramps. A ramp is nothing but behaving violently or rapidly. As sex is something related to wilderness, ramps are the correct match and to the polish, quick romps are 

For the lovers madly in love or infatuation with each other, every place seems fine for a quickie. Such things take place under the influence of love or infatuation.

If the quick romp is supposedly looking after sexual intercourse only, cum is the ultimate aim point. The man must be capable enough to finish it off as quickly as possible. Even women have their part in the course of a successful quick romp. She must thrive to tempt him to the peaks in the given time.

If the woman acts or really feels like the man is so wanted to her, she is half done in her job to make him cum as quickly as possible.

In this busy world, most people look after quickies even though they are causing some serious anxiety problems. The heart rate raised during the quickies is abnormally beating other times which can be considered as a disturbing thing.

However, people would not look after pains. They only look for pleasure. They are ready to take pains if they are fond of a certain pleasure.

Best place to take a quick romp

Kitchen room

The kitchen room is researched to be the most sex happening place after bedroom. That too, the daytime sex is more to happen in kitchen rooms than bedrooms.

Kitchen room quick romp is one of the sexiest acts even though it is only possible for married couples.

In general, the woman is hurriedly cooking in the kitchen room with the back being shown to the husband when comes inside. The man would also generally be busy going to his office or workplace. But the unsatisfying night may not let him go without touching her. That's all. He could go grab her tight and settle to just lip locking or breast pressing or could possibly go to her innerwear and intercourse his genitals intensely to make it out quickly.

The partners could possibly finish it off within the food is prepared. The only thing is they should be careful from their children's eyesight if they have one. 


A bedroom is also a good place for quick romps. There are couples who are addicted to quick romps and they do the same in the bedroom too, in spite of having a lot of space and time. 


Bathrooms are a quick spot to sport good in minimum time. The unfinished business on the bed becomes a quickie romp in the bathroom. The married couple had no worries and they could proudly have fun in the bathroom, too.

There are lovers who look into public bathrooms such as mall restrooms. They look for complete free space, of course, male bathroom only. They would finish it off the action within gotten time like, as minimum time as 2 minutes, too. 

Cinema Hall

The Cinema hall is a good place for smooches and lip locks. The couple can grab one another being too close to each other and do whatever sexually gets in the mind.

There would be couples who make out in the cinema hall itself. If the cinema hall looks empty, the male would let the female sit on his lap and most possibly bring out his genitals and put in her ass and make a quick ramp-like heaven on earth. 

College Backgate

The college students would fall in love but don't find a place to sit together alone and make some time of their own. However, there are some colleges with a big ground and background. The lovers go find it when some fest or exam is happening.

They would find some quick time to get moody from romance to sex.

Public parks & gardens

The general lovers would generally go to parks to find a peaceful time. The mood over there would revert them to go mad over each other and indulge in some quick ramps.


Office elevators, mall elevators, apartment elevators, and any other bringing-together place would give a good space to indulge in short-term intense romance or sex. There are even movie scenes made in this scenario.

Take Away

Premature ejaculation is seen as a defect for the people who look after long-duration sexual intercourse but quick ramps are best benefitted with premature ejaculation. However, quick ramps are not good for habituation as it alters the heartbeat which may result in stress and anxiety during the missing note.

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