8 Libido boosting foods

Libido boosting foods


Libido is an essential criteria to compound sexual stimulations in the body with proper health. A man or woman with low libido would face a lot of degradation in the course of sexual activity.

Libido is the sexual desire of a human being. It is the fuel for a human body to function with tremendous energy in sexual intercourse. A man without libido may not be eligible for successful and reproductive sex foreplay. 

To satisfy one another in bed and have shared life, libido is the most important factor. A person or a couple who is facing lower libido due to various subjective factors could go meet a sexologist to relieve them from unknown issues.

Libido is an essential urge and need of the body to have increased pleasure and orgasm. 

Sexual impulse is an extreme nerve stimulus that without proper body ailment towards empowering sexual energy, the activity could raise blood pressure and sugar levels making the body weakened.

Libido would help the body to garner the extreme elevations brought through pain and pleasure expelled through sexual activity.

Few people lack libido that results in their lack of interest in sexual activity or intercourse. Few may possess passion towards sexual activity but the lack of libido may hurt them.

There are medicinal supplements, ayurvedic treatment, and food sources to increase libido in a man or a woman. Let's discuss a few of the food supplements that would help gain libido.

Foods that can increase or boost libido

To increase libido, there are ways and food is one of the sources to gain all essential minerals and vitamins that would support libidinal intact and behavior in the body and mind of an individual.

Fruits and vegetables

Certain foods would increase libido in the body irrespective of age. Fruits like papaya, apple, mango, and pomegranate are best in food supplements to put fresh blood in the body that would put young age feelings in the body. Figs, bananas, and avocados are considered libido-boosting foods.

A variety of minerals and vitamins are supposed to get into the body to maintain sustained testicular activity alongside genital consideration.

For suppose, vitamin D, C, and E namely direct current electrolytes testicular filaments during a sexual engagement. The better fruits like Amla, lemon, orange, banana, beetroot, strawberry, custard apple, papaya are either taken as a fruit or made into sugarless juice to metabolize well in the body and are custom controllable, captivating the sexual stimulation in time and tension regards.

Any fruit and vegetable that gives meatless muscle strats that should feel weightless energy on the muscles so that the muscles feel less lazy despite bearing energy substitutes. This mechanism supports erection and long-duration erectile function. 

Pineapple and pomegranate on mix could enable a great embankment in the muscle strains of the sexual stimulation prosecuted at the testicular collaborating genital dilemma to remain in the intercourse job without responding to fluctuations found with the sexual tension. 

Carrot and cabbage are also great stimulators of prolonged erection. 

Mangoes increase heat in the body that can ignite the untouched libidinal feelings in the body. Mangoes also thrive to increase the hotness of a personality.

Avocados are rich in vitamin B6, potassium, and monounsaturated fats. The mineral source would help blood circulation and a healthy heart that shows up in sexual happiness.

Watermelon contains B vitamins which help with sexual endurance and energy production. It is known to be called natural Via-agra.

An apple a day keeps doctors away is a well-known universal fact. Apple contains all the essential vitamins and minerals one needs to maintain immunity and metabolism. The greater immunity and metabolism, the greater is sex life and libido.

Sea Food

Seafood, namely fish, crabs, and prawns are known to develop good cholesterol in the body which would easily convert into energy. The energy is found in abundance for a solid sexual activity.

Green tea

Green tea contains catechins as the major mineral source. Catechins help blood vessel cells become free of nitric oxide that would ultimately increase blood vessel size and improve blood flow.

The overall mechanism helps the heartbeat well that is resembled in the libidinal activity in the body that is forecasted during sexual activity or intercourse.


Milk is the ultimate source of protein and dopamine, especially in the case of depression and sex. Depression is greatly featured in sexual activity. Milk is the source to maintain constant libido in the body.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a familiar natural libido booster. It helps to increase both serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. Serotonin and dopamine are the essential hormones for healthy and happy libidinal behavior.

Take Away 

Food is the only source of good body and health. Any medication may show side effects but food would not. Food is the natural way of treating the body.  

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