8 Foods for fast beard growth

Foods for fast beard growth

Beard growth

Growing a beard can be a tough job as it requires a lot of patience and nurturing. A beard can enhance a man’s personality and can make them attractive. 

Not everyone is able to grow a healthy and full beard and not everyone is ready to make the sacrifices or work towards a healthy beard. If you are someone who is unable to grow a beard fast then keep reading with us till the end as we will share some amazing tips and tricks that may help you.

Beard hair growth is basically determined by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This helps in turning your body’s natural testosterone into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone DHT. To grow a beard is a tough job as many times your beard might be itchy and can cause distress to you. 

8 Food Items For A Fast Beard Growth 

Food is one such thing that can break or make your life, you can achieve anything with the right diet and food items, today we will be sharing some of the most important food items that you need to eat for fast beard growth. 


Eggs are one such versatile ingredient that needs to be a part of your everyday diet plan. A lot of old studies have proven that egg yolks work for hair growth as it contains biotin and vitamin D, which are great for a higher testosterone and biotin production in the body.


Almonds are a perfect snack option that is enriched with a powerful nutrient-rich punch. Almonds are versatile and can be eaten in a lot of ways. You can salt roast, or spice them up, they have a rich amount of biotin. 


Cauliflower can fit right into your diet as there are many recipes for this vegetable, you can make a soup, bake them or add them to your salad it will taste delicious. Raw cauliflower contains over 15 micrograms of biotin per serving, it also contains a high dose of protein. Cauliflower also helps in absorbing other nutrients and keeps the stomach healthy and light.


Dairy products are a rich source of vitamin D, biotin, and calcium. However, some cheeses have the optimal levels of biotin that will help our body in growing the beard at a much faster rate. The top cheeses for beard growth include:

  • Blue cheese
  • Camembert cheese
  • Cheddar cheese
  • American cheese

Alfalfa Sprouts

A study done on alfalfa sprouts found out that 50g of alfalfa sprouts per day increases testosterone levels considerably, which is required to grow a healthy beard. Testosterone stimulates follicular growth, so it’s important for growing thick beard hair.


Oranges are the perfect snack and one of the best citrus fruits that you can have during the summer season. They are also rich in vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, and vitamin B5. Drinking orange juice or eating an orange a day, can help your follicles to grow stronger.

Brazil Nuts

Just like almonds, brazil nuts are especially enriched with goodness for hair growth. They have a high concentration of selenium which makes them effective in hair growth. 

Just one Brazil nut has 77-91 micrograms of selenium, which exceeds the 55 mcg daily recommended content.


Raisins are enriched with boron, which is another mineral that has shown significant results in increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. Multiple research has proven that boron along with other minerals helps with stronger, and thicker hair. 

Lifestyle Changes You Must Make For Growing Beard Fast

After talking about your dietary intake, it is time to get into the lifestyle changes you need to make for a healthier and fast-growing beard.


Diet and exercise go hand in hand, there is no significant research done on the benefits of exercise to promote beard growth. However, exercising regularly boosts a healthy amount of Testosterone in the body which can be used to promote the growth of a healthy beard. 

Improving sleep patterns 

It is important to improve your sleeping patterns in order to keep a healthy amount of testosterone in your body, not getting enough sleep can disturb your testosterone levels and can directly influence your beard growth. 

Quitting Substance 

Beard also requires you to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle which means cutting out substances like nicotine, alcohol, or other substances that you might be addicted to. Smoking damages the blood vessels and blocks the hair follicles, quitting it will bring a very positive change in your lifestyle and you will be able to see better beard growth. 

Wash and moisturize your face 

In order to grow a beard, you need to keep your face clean and hygienic at all times so the follicles can grow with ease. Provide ample amounts of hydration and nourishment to your face and try using products made with natural ingredients that will also help in managing the pH balance of your face. 

Take Away 

Growing a beard is a tedious job, but be patient and follow all the tips we have shared above. Include the mentioned food items into your diet and you will see a huge change in your beard growth. 

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