8 Best winter sex positions

Sex positions

Sex positions

Sex positions are the different, different ways of sexual intercourse through the always same pointed genitals.

Sex positions are a way to not get bored of sexual activity.

Sex positions also help body fitness whereas they also need body fitness.

Various, various sex positions have various, various advantages.

Best winter sex positions

Winter is a season that puts a person in need of another person. Sex in the winter season is such a warmful act.

Sex makes bodies into heat engines that can help them not get into vibes of the winter chills.

There are certain sex positions that are especially noted and benefited for a particular winter season.

Best Kama Sutra Positions are also the best winter sex positions.

Spinal sex position

As the spinal cord is the foremost reactive part in the whole body to the outer atmosphere and temperatures, the spinal sex position is supposed the best winter sex position.

Winter can shake or shiver the spinal cord further leading to the whole body shivering. Spinal sex position can generate heat in the spine thereby adequate warmness.

This sex position is practiced keeping the spinal cord in mind. During the action, the spinal cord is the one that coordinates complete energy from the male body and transfers it straight to the woman's spine. Either sleeping or standing or sitting, this position is possible with little flexibility differences. The thing to do is, the penis can be penetrated in both the anal and vaginal cavity but should be positioned parallel to the man's spinal cord and act as an extended nerve to the woman's spinal cord. That means, the man should settle his groin area a little low to the whole woman's buttock for a flexible penetrating and thrusting action. For support and grip, a man should hold a woman's shoulders tightly, passing his hands through her armpits for ultimate sexual pleasure.

Vertical horizontal lip simultaneous touch position

During the winter season, the body deserves to be touched from top to bottom wherethrough this so-called vertical horizontal lip simultaneous touch sex position is a well-to-do winter sex position.

The horizontal lips are the mouth organ whereas the vertical lips are the vaginal outer layer giving way to her urethra. The sexual position involving both these lips at a time is an intense mouth-watering nerve-rang interaction. During this intercourse, the penis need not be penetrated deeply into the vagina but just simply inserted there. The actual action is his tongue to deeply penetrate her mouth. The upper action looks after the deep-down penetration. The way the man's tongue and lips touch her moo lips, tongue, and teeth, forces her nerves to stimulate the pulling force at the vagina. Then, the man feels the magnetic force acting on his iron. This sexual position is out and out chemistry-related and needs in-depth concentration. 

Cow Girl Sex

During the winter season, one's own body weight is not enough to handle the cold. There must be some weight put on it.

This sex position involves the penetration of the penis deep down into the woman's ass or vagina but is an absolute back-end mechanism. The man must stay behind her, placing his penile inclination into a butt-hole or vaginal hole. During this position, the man imposes his whole body weight on her body. The force exerted by the penis involves his whole body weight, too. The breast is the the-best grip during intercourse. This is an extreme pain-stimulating pleasure to the woman and a next-level relaxation stimulated pleasure to the man.

Snake Sex Position

During the winter season, partners should couple into one for which snake sex position is great therapy.

This sex position is an extreme yogic and the bodies involved need to be extremely loose and flexible. The face of the man sees his woman's face when his penis is enveloped in her anal cavity. As it is, he would look at the craft drawn at the backside of her head when his penis inclined in the vaginal cavity. That means, the bodies turn and twist such as the snakes do during their sex. This is an extremely spiritual intimation allowing each other to see themselves deep down. The law of attraction is at peaks in this position.

Doggy Style

The absolute shiver can be freaked out with absolute wilderness in sexual intercourse. A dog-style sex position is a great source to strengthen up kneels that are most prone to shiver up in winter by the freely tangling limbs.

This is a chill max stunt in the whole sex positions. No one weighs nor bears another person. This position involves the man kneeling behind the woman kneeling in front of him. The kneeled woman bent a little, giving her whole ass to the man behind. The man inserted his penis comfortably for the ass-hole expanded due to the bending of the body at the waist. This is the highest form of self-respect given to an individual body.


Spooning is the best sex position that lets man and woman last in the bed for weeks, too. That comfortable and relaxing is this sex position. Also, spooning takes the least amount of energy from the bodies as they sleep in a relaxed position. This position involves a man sleeping beside his woman, with his penis inserted either in the vaginal cavity or the anal cavity. The man or the woman has to just express their love through kissing their lips. They don't even need to spend energy on their genitals. The genitals themselves involve in intense sex that the body won't feel the energy loss. The breathing together involves their genitals moving in the same flow with each other.

Lotus sex position

Lotus sex position is the most intimate sex position available in or out of overall Kamasutra sex positions.

Lotus's sex position is the best sex position for him to enjoy her breasts, or buttocks, while craving for her legs at the same time.

The heat at the groin area of the man and the anal base of the woman are greater at the sexual instinct. Lotus sex position can give easier access to the whole body to conserve the heat generated at the genital.

Anal sex

As the excreted is known to be a serious hot material, anal sex gives warm and intimate energy to the bodies involved in it. Anal sex is more preferred to vaginal sex during the winter season.

Take Away 

Just romance can do a great job in garnering heat. Just an eye-to-eye look between two loving persons can generate a lot of heat in the body.

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