6 Causes of dull skin

Dull Skin

Rejuvenate Your Dull Skin

We all have been in a situation where we simply were not able to make out what dull skin is. In the initial stages of the problem, it seems that there is nothing wrong with your skin tone. You can see yourself in the mirror and cannot find any problems with your skin. But as the day progresses, you can feel that your skin has become dull and lifeless.

Dull skin is basically skin that lacks brightness and has a faded appearance. It is most common among people who have been exposed to the sun's ultraviolet radiation for long periods of time or those with a dry skin condition. Sometimes, chronic stress can also cause dull skin due to a hormone called cortisol, which can harm the skin. In this case, taking some skin-friendly biotin supplements and letting your body have a rest from stress, which will help your skin become radiant again.

6 Causes of Dull Skin

Who doesn’t want to have healthy and flawless skin? The problem is that achieving this goal isn’t as simple as it seems, especially if you consider that there are a lot of things that can affect your skin quality. Each aspect can have a particular role in the appearance of your skin. If you’re curious to know what are these aspects, we have a list of 6 causes of dull skin:

  1. Stress: Stress can be caused due to health conditions, poverty or even due to mental disorders. Stress and mental health conditions can cause chemical reactions in the body that can make your skin sensitive and prone to breakouts. This also gradually causes your complexion to become dull.
  1. Your Diet: Your diet plays a vital role in determining the condition of your skin. The deficiency of Vitamin C, fats, proteins and calcium can cause your skin to become dull. Poor dietary habits affect the blood sugar levels, ultimately leading to various skin issues.
  1. Tobacco Smoking: Any kind of smoking causes damage to the skin cells and makes it dull. The smoke irritates the skin cells and also weakens the capillary walls, which causes less blood circulation to the skin cells.
  1. Overexposure to Sun: Overexposure to the sun is another reason for dull skin. The sun rays damage the skin cells and make them unhealthy. Overexposure to the sun also causes premature ageing of the skin.
  1. Your Sleeping Habits: Your sleeping habits also play an important role in keeping your skin healthy. Getting less than six hours of sleep can cause your face to look drier than usual, which results in dull-looking skin even if you have a normal skincare routine.
  1. Ageing: As we age, our skin ages too. The collagen and elastin fibers in our skin begin to break down and we start having fine lines and wrinkles which results in ageing signs and dull-looking skin.

4 Ways to Prevent Dull Skin?

Dull skin is one of the most common problems people face when the weather turns cold. In addition to itchy, uncomfortable skin, dry and dull skin can actually make you ill. Healthy skin is necessary for a happy, upbeat you. If your skin is too dry, that can cause you to look dull and lifeless. Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s time to consider some preventive measure for dull skin.

If you have dry and dull skin, make sure to take care of your skin in the following ways:

  1. Use a humidifier in your bedroom if you often wake up in the morning with dull skin. The moisture loss from the skin can dehydrate the skin and thus skin cells will not work properly. A humidifier adds moisture to the air and helps prevent your skin from getting too dry. 
  1. Stay out of the sun. If you're like most people who enjoy being outdoors, then staying away from the sun might not be an option. But make sure that you use sunscreen on all exposed areas of your skin. They are really good for your skin since they keep it hydrated and prevent dullness.
  1. It is important to keep the skin hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking lots of water throughout the day as a key to healthy skin. But if you’re not a water drinker, try drinking a cup of green tea or warm lemon water instead. Green tea has been shown to make the skin look more youthful, as it has anti-inflammatory properties, which also protect against sun damage. Lemon water has a similar rejuvenating effect on tired skin as it does for a tired mind.
  1. Always remember that when you clean your face, you must do it with a gentle face wash. Choose a product that contains no chemicals and no alcohol. It is also important to choose moisturizers that are based on natural ingredients. Many moisturizers based on natural ingredients are available on the market today. 

Take Away

We all wish to have healthy and glowing skin. If your skin is dull and you want it to be healthy and glowing, you can try our gloww skin serum to reverse dull skin and boost your appearance. There are certain things that can make your skin look shiny and healthy such as eating foods that will make your skin glow, having enough sleep, following healthy lifestyle habits, etc. The best way to keep your skin hydrated is to drink plenty of water every day, avoid dehydration, wear sunscreen when you are outside and drink at least 6 glasses of water every day.

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