5 Annoying Winter Hair Problems & How to Fix Them?

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Winter Hair Problems

Winters call for hot chocolate and being lazy in your warm PJs. Our digestion is at a full speed during the winter season which is why we feel hungry every few hours and tend to eat more.

Eating more during winters also leads up to weight gain which is pretty common and nothing to worry about. While for some people their skin and body suffer the most during winters for others, their hair is more problematic. 

Our hair needs vital nourishment and winters can be harsh for them, it becomes impossible to wash our hair in cold water which is the best way to go about it. Washing hair in warm waters makes them dry and can also be the cause for frizz, today we will talk about 5 common annoying hair problems that we all face during the winter season. 

5 Annoying Winter Hair Problems & Ways To Fix Them 

After talking about winter hair problems now let us look at some incredibly annoying issues we face during winter seasons and ways in which we can solve them. 

Dry scalp 

The issue: It's really essential to take care of your scalp during this season. Between chilly air and dry hotness coming from radiators, there's a not kidding absence of dampness in the air. This is definitely not a decent combo and can prompt your scalp to feel like a desert scene. As your scalp dries out, it's normal to feel it fixing, and it may even become bothersome which, in the event that you've inclined to dandruff, isn't uplifting news.

The fix: Just like you saturate your skin, you want to saturate your scalp. All things considered, it's the beginning stage of your hair, so you want to take great consideration of it! You can return dampness by picking the right cleanser and conditioner. Keep away from shampoos with sulfates as they can strip the hair of its regular oils. All things being equal, search for items that target dry scalps and use them routinely. You can likewise apply an oil or serum to assist with recharging dampness straightforwardly to the scalp. 

On the off chance that your scalp feels bothersome, pick an item with calming properties, for example, tea tree or lavender. To apply, use your fingers or a cotton tip, then, at that point, knead through the scalp. This is best done around evening time as the serum will have a lot of opportunities to set in while you rest.

Frizzy hair

Fuzzy hair throughout the cold weather months is normal! It happens on the grounds that cool air holds back less dampness than warm air, which then, at that point, dries your hair out making it powerless and fragile. To battle this exemplary winter hair issue and forestall the fuzziness, you really want to return the dampness to the locks.

Here are some ways to treat frizzy hair during winters:

  • Utilize a hairdryer that will not make your hair dry.
  • Utilize a hair veil. Search for hair medicines that have fixings that are high in proteins your hair is brimming with these so you really want to renew them, have jojoba oil extraordinary for saturating the hair and body, shea margarine is incredible for split closures and lactic acids.
  • Go for a frizz-control cleanser and conditioner team. The hair cover is how you treat seven days, however, you ought to likewise keep up with the frizz during the week with an incredible cleanser and conditioner that subdues the locks.
  • Apply an extraordinary leave-in conditioner in the middle of washes so you can keep your hair looking smooth and smooth.

Styling troubles

The issue: While you move in an opposite direction from the hotness devices and fight with cap hair, you might end up in all things considered a styling groove. Be that as it may, winter is, indeed, the best season to get imaginative with your locks. There's no late spring mugginess, no damp with sweat strands, and on the off chance that you don't cherish your 'do, you can simply cover it with a beanie!

The fix: You're experiencing an exemplary instance of fatigue. It's an ideal opportunity to quit scratching your hair back and have some good times. One of our cherished winter looks is an easy muddled braid. 

In addition to the fact that it is an opportunity to wear your most loved scrunchie, however, it's really simple to make. Just manoeuvre your hair into a high half-horse, leaving the remainder of your hair down, and tie off.

Space buns are back, and they're absolutely in, and it's the ideal 'do to brighten up your colder time of year. To make, split your hair into two equivalent segments and tie them into indistinguishable pigtails at the highest point of your head. Then, at that point, each in turn, fold the length of hair over the foundation of your braid and secure it with bobby pins. Spritz with a little hairspray, and you're finished!

Split Ends

The issue: Blow dryer-incited split finishes and flyaways are an immediate aftereffect of drying out and harm. However, this can occur whenever of year, the absence of moistness in winter implies your hair is bound to dry out and become fragile.

The fix: It's nothing unexpected that the primary thing you'll have to do is diminish how frequently you use heat styling apparatuses to attempt to keep further harm from happening. You ought to likewise put resources into a few quality hair elastics to battle breakage when tying your hair up. In the event that it's now past the point of no return and you have divided closures, you'll require your beautician to give them a cut.

Tangled Hair

The issue: Scarves, thick jumpers and busted coats feel incredible, yet they aren't great for your hair. The hair gets found out and hitched up in every one of the layers, while the additional static means you're managing a tangled, tangled wreck before the day's over.

The fix: The least difficult fix is either wearing your hair in a high pigtail or styling it into a side twist to keep it out of danger. You can likewise apply a siphon of leave-in conditioner to assist with keeping your hair smooth and shiny for longer. To manage the bunches, apply conditioner while in the shower, leave for a few minutes, then, at that point, search it over utilizing a wide-tooth shower brush.

Take Away

Our hair goes through a lot during the winter season, it can easily get dry and frizzy and the best way to reduce that is by applying oil. You can also add a hydrating serum or mask from time to time. We hope you liked all the solutions we shared above, do try them for yourself and see a change in your hair’s texture. 

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