4+ Tips for Healthy Hair: How to take care of hair?

how to take care of hair

Try these Haircare Tips for Healthy Hair

We all dream of having long, thick, and healthy hair! Don’t we? Both men and women desire to have and preserve their hair in good form and texture. Healthy hair is accommodated with features like strong, silky, and smooth. This type of hair shines bright and makes people look neat is the kind of hair health most people always struggle to achieve. Also to achieve this healthy hair one can also use healthy hair oil for hair growth and to make your hair lustrous and shiny. 

Do you wish to get that long, silky hair for yourself? Here we have mentioned some of the most proven and effective ways how to keep hair healthy and strong.

Haircare Tips

1. You must wash your hair twice a week 

If you wash your hair twice a week, it will help prevent the build-up of hair care products, which can be drying to the hair. The frequency with which you wash your hair is dependent on the kind and structure of your hair. You must determine what works best for you by observing how your hair responds to various washing and hair care products, and then build a schedule based on that. For example:

Your hair is considered fine or oily if it feels greasy the day after you wash it- this means you need to wash it regularly.

Your hair is categorized as normal if you wash it one day and it's not too greasy the next- this means you can get away with washing it daily.

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Some of the Shampoo Tips for Hair Care:

  1. You must remember for healthy hair, you need to shampoo in small, circular movements and do not forget to target the dirt-collecting areas such as the nape of your neck.
  2. Massaging the scalp may boost circulation, which promotes faster hair growth and helps natural oils in the scalp shine through.
  3. If you are one with coarse or dry hair, your hair care routine should include hydrating shampoos.
  4. Fine or oily hair should be washed with a clarifying shampoo one that doesn't look creamy. 
  5. If you are one with normal hair and can use just about any type of shampoo, you must remember to always use good quality products for the best results.

Some of the Conditioner Hair Care Tips:

Just like body lotion works for your skin, conditioner is a moisturizer for your hair that will keep your strands hydrated and manageable making your hair healthy.

  1. Conditioner must be applied evenly and to achieve that you can use your hands or a wide-toothed comb.
  2. If you have coarse or dry hair, use a moisturising conditioner and apply it from the roots to the ends.
  3. People with fine or oily hair must use a lightweight conditioner and avoid putting it on their roots. And the secret is to evenly distribute it from the mid-lengths to the ends.
  4. For normal hair, you can use just about any kind of conditioner and apply it from your roots to your ends also.

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2. Detangling Your Hair

Leave-in Conditioner for Hair-

If you want added moisture you must apply a leave-in conditioner after your shower. These leave-in products are beneficial because (a) they facilitate the detangling process and (b) they result in sleeker, glossier hair.

Natural bristle brush to detangle-

High-quality, natural bristle brushes are essential for detangling hair. The type of bristles that are present on your brush can affect the look and shape of your hair. A good bristle brush will distribute the natural oils on your scalp down your hair shaft and will smooth out your tresses. 

Choose a brush that specifically states it has natural bristles. Ask any hairdresser for advice on which brush will work best for your hair type and texture. They can advise you on which brush is perfect for you.

Regular brushing of Hair-

It is advised to brush your hair twice a day if it’s straight. Brushing your hair regularly helps disperse your natural oils and keeps it free of tangles. However, too much brushing hair can leave your hair greasy and might increase your risk of breakage. 

You can develop a habit of brushing your hair after you wash it and again either in the morning or at night as per your choice. You must brush your hair in the morning if you shower at night or at night if you shower in the morning.

Use of wide-tooth comb-

Using a wide-tooth comb on curly or textured hair while conditioning is highly recommended. When you brush your curly or textured hair, you may find that it becomes frizzy. When you're in the shower is the perfect time to comb them.

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3. Style Your Hair 

Styling our hair is very much common these days, whether they are elegant updos, professional-looking hairdos for the office or even casual wash-and-wear looks. Styling is required some days and should be done as gently as possible. 

Don't use too much of Hair Cosmetics-

If you do a hairstyle that needs to use hair styling products like hair sprays wax or serum for shining and to maintain the fly-away pieces- then do not use too much! You may end up weighing your hair down and reducing its volume, or just making it greasy, oily and dirty. 

Use of volumizing spray for thin hair-

You can use the volumizing spray if you have thin and fine hair. You may like your fine hair, but you wish it had more volume. Fortunately, it’s super easy to add a little boost to your style by volumizing spray. 

Use heat protectant for healthy hair-

It is advised to apply a heat protectant before using heat-styling tools. Heat protectants can simply reduce the risk of damage that’s been caused to your hair, though they won’t completely prevent it. 

Spray the heat protectant product on your hair before you dry wet hair or before styling dry hair. If your product is a cream, simply put a dab of the product on your palm, then rub your hands together, and apply the product on your tresses.

You only need to apply your heat protectant only once. If you apply it on hair before blow-drying wet hair, you do not need to put on more before using a flat iron or curling iron. We advise reading the directions on your heat protectant before applying it since every product is unique.

4. Give Your Hair A Trim

Trim your Hair Regularly-

  1. You must make sure that you get your hair regularly trimmed. You must trim it by a professional barber or stylist. If you have short hair, you should get it trimmed every 4 to 8 weeks, while the recommended period for trimming for medium hair to long hair is 6 to 12 weeks.
  2. Trimming Hair aids the hair with its growth. It might sound counterproductive to you, but this is the truth. This is because regular trims help in removing damaged hair and split ends, thus promoting further faster hair growth from the roots. And most importantly, if you trim your ends, it will make your hair softer and more flexible, thereby preventing hair breakage.

5. Yoga for healthy hair

Yoga for hair growth is becoming more popular as the globe learns about the miracles it can do for hair growth. Yoga positions may assist with a variety of hair issues—yoga can stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, and enhance the general quality of your hair.

  1. Adho mukha savasana 
  2. Sirsasana (headstand)
  3. Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)
  4. Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)
  5. Uttanasana (forward bending camel pose)
  6. Ustrasana (back bending camel pose)
  7. Sasangasana (Rabbit pose)
  8. Matsyasana (fish pose)
  9. Pavanmuktasana (the wind relieving pose)
  10. Balayam yoga
  11. Kapalbhati

Take Away

These were some simple steps for great hair. It is not hard to follow, it won't have you spending all of your hard-earned cash. You can achieve great hair as you desire.

If you are facing severe hair loss due to any reason then you should look for our Medicated Anti-Hair loss kit designed by our dermatologist which includes Mino-xidil, phi-nasteride, Anti Hair fall Shampoo and many more. These products will help you in taking care of your hair and you can buy them from Mars by GHC website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What foods make hair thicker? 

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fatty fish
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocados
  • Nuts
  • Seeds

2. Which exercise is best for hair growth?

Yoga is the most effective workout for hair development.

3. Is rubbing of nails good for hair?

Yes, Rubbing your nails is a calming activity that may help you relax. The scalp's blood flow is increased, which strengthens the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair development.


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