11 Simple Hairstyles for Winter

haircut for winters

Winter Hairstyles 

Even though it's freezing outside, these 11 winter hairstyles look great. 

There's no doubting that your strands react differently depending on the season, regardless of hair type or texture. Along with changing up your product routine, it's also a good idea to change up your hairstyle. 

Layers of Invisibility 

While being ghosted isn't ideal in the dating world, it's something you'll want from your stylist. Ramn Garcia, a Beverly Hills hairstylist, created a unique haircut, which entails shaving off the surplus length in the layers beneath the hair without reducing the total length of the hair. It gives diverse movement and dimension while keeping the illusion of long hair, according to RUSK Global Creative Director Matt Swinney.  

Hair that is liquid  

People are ditching their textured curls in favour of a silky new style when the weather cools. Liquid hair, unlike the wet hair trend, does not appear damp. Consider hair that is ultra-shiny, reflective, voluminous and smooth to the touch. Its ultra-sleek look causes it to reflect light in the same way that water does (hence the name). The final look is a mix of flat-ironed, stick-straight strands and a voluminous, salon-quality blowout. 

Braids in a Box 

For women with natural hair, three-strand braids weaved into their hair are a terrific protective style that also looks great with longer lengths. Box braids can be done in a hair salon, but they can also be done at home. When braiding, use a mild cream-based moisturiser to add lubrication and hydration, and be aware of how tight you braid your hair, since tight braids can cause breakage. There are also some fake braiding hair choices available.  

French Girl bob 

Do you already have a bob and want to switch it up? Gia Wendt, a stylist at SPACE by Alex Brown in Chicago, recommends going even shorter with this stylish new spin on the classic cut. Surprisingly low-maintenance, it, too, can be worn in a variety of ways and looks great with or without bangs, as seen below. It also looks great skimming a turtleneck or popping out from beneath a wool cap, according to Wendt. 

Curls with a Texture 

Embrace your natural curls for a trendy winter haircut that is also less harmful. The combination of dry interior heat and cold, dry weather can dehydrate and dehydrate your hair, robbing it of moisture and shine. The less wash and heat styling you can do, the better, which is why this look is so appealing; it doesn't necessitate daily shampooing and blow-drying. Simply use a moisturising, curl-reviving product to freshen your curls in between washes. The other benefit? If you'll be wearing a hat, scarf, or earmuffs, this is a terrific look to go with because you won't have to worry about them messing up your style.

Bangs like the Curtains 

If you've been thinking about getting fringe for a while, now is the time to go for it. Bangs are a terrific accent to any winter wardrobe. It's easier to keep them nice and flat now that there's less humidity, and you won't have to worry about them getting greasy from a sweaty brow. Curtain bangs—a choppy bang that delicately divides in the middle—allow you a lot of styling flexibility and are a great way to frame your eyes when wearing a mask, according to Wendt. What about the other appealing option? If you don't like them, they'll grow out into soft, face-framing layers that you can drawback if you don't like them. 

Bob cut, the classic

Bob is a terrific choice all year, but it's especially so in the winter. You won't have to worry about your ends becoming tangled in your coat collar or wrapped up in a scarf, and bob is simple and easy to style anytime, anywhere. While a bob can be worn in a variety of ways (versatility is key), it's best for folks with fine to medium hair. You run the danger of having an unattractive trapezoidal or helmet-like form with thicker hair. What about the other crucial aspect? Don't be stingy with the length. All of these advantages are not available to a 'lob.' A conventional bob should end at the nape of the neck.  


The clavicut is one of the ideal winter hairstyles for those who love long hair. Because the dry winter air can make old dry ends even more staticky and unpleasant, consider shaving at least a few inches off your hair so that it finishes just below the collarbone. Plus, you'll have less hair to blow dry, which is always a plus in the winter when you don't want to hurry out of the house with damp hair. This length is also really versatile; it can be worn down, straight or with texture, but it can also be pulled up.  


Pixies are a wonderful choice for fine hair because they can provide the appearance of texture and thickness, according to Rivera. The caveat: Because there are so many subtle differences amongst pixie cuts, she recommends bringing images of ones you like and don't like. Stock up on stylish accessories like quirky clips or bobby pins, which are a terrific way to tame unruly winter hair while also adding a festive touch.  

Ample Length 

Ask for lots of face-framing layers and movement if you've been growing out your hair and want to remain to do so but want a little refresh or subtle alteration. It's worth noting that a cut like this is appropriate for the season because it emphasizes length rather than creating volume at the root, which will be squashed under a winter cap. However, hydration is essential for any long style, especially in the winter. (Moisturizing stylers are the key to avoiding wayward frizzies and static, so stock up on them.)  


Season after season, the shag remains a popular winter haircut. While still maintaining length, adding shorter layers helps to alleviate some of the dry ends that come with winter. Another good hairstyle that may be worn with or without bangs. It's also a low-maintenance choice, which is helpful if you're trying to cut down on salon visits these days. You'll be able to make it through the entire winter without needing a trim. 

Take Away

Top stylists revealed the aforesaid hairstyles for winter. Consider them a fail-safe approach to keep your hair looking fantastic all season.  

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