10 Benefits of using honey on face

Honey for face

Up Your Beauty Game With Honey   

Honey is a viscous liquid produced by bees and some related insects. It is used to sweeten food and drinks, as a preservative and as a flavouring. Honey has been used in medicines and cosmetics, and as a food since ancient times, and has healing properties in many culinary and medicinal recipes.

Honey has been used in skincare for centuries. It contains vitamins A, C, D, K, B6, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, choline, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. It contains these nutrients in an easily absorbable form. The honey's anti-bacterial properties can kill any bacteria that may be contributing to acne problems.

It helps to heal damaged skin cells by increasing the rate at which they divide thus speeding up the healing process. Honey can be used for face packs with ingredients like milk cream or cucumber juice. This mask helps to remove blemishes effectively.

The sugar present in honey acts as an antioxidant and an antibacterial agent and helps in soothing sunburns and healing small wounds.

Honey with Turmeric powder: Turmeric powder is very effective in making your skin glow. Honey helps enhance the efficacy of turmeric powder by adding moisture. Dab one teaspoon of turmeric powder on your palm, make it into a paste with honey, pat it on a clean face, leave for 15 minutes then wash off with normal water for glowing skin.

10 Benefits of using honey on face

Sugar, in general, is something that many people cut out of their diets because of the simple fact that it is eating into their waistline. While most would think that honey is simply sugar that has crystallized, they are wrong. According to the theory of Ayurveda, it is an elixir that can do wonders for one's skin, hair and even weight.

Honey has been used as a beauty treatment for centuries. It is delicious to taste and packed with numerous properties that make it a powerhouse ingredient not just for the skin but overall health as well.

Here are some amazing beauty benefits of honey:

  1. Honey is a Great Exfoliant

Honey is not only good for the body but also the skin. It is a natural moisturizer and helps keep the skin hydrated and healthy. It can also be used as a skin cleanser as it is mildly antiseptic and antibacterial. The powerful exfoliating properties of honey helps to purify and exfoliate the skin. Because of this, honey masks are suitable for all types of skin 

  1. Honey Moisturises the Face

The honey face pack is a rich and silky formulation to be used all over the face and neck, working effectively to moisturise and brighten your skin tone. Honey is a potent antioxidant and it helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, meaning the honey face mask is perfect for those with dry, dehydrated skin. 

Honey for the face is a good moisturizer. Honey has a high viscosity and can attract water from the atmosphere. It has a higher moisture holding capacity than glycerine, lanolin, propylene glycol, or mineral oil. Being a humectant, honey attracts moisture from the humid air and makes it available to the skin.

  1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Honey

Honey fights inflammation in different ways. One is by inhibiting the production of leukotrienes which are responsible for airway constriction and irritation. Additionally, it neutralizes cytokines which trigger inflammation in the body when foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses and other microbes enter. This helps in preventing skin infections or related issues.

  1. Healing Properties of Honey

The effect of honey on the skin is due to the presence of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other substances in it. The impressive list of nutrients present in honey constitutes biotin, pantothenic acid, choline, inositol, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, tryptophan and many more. Activated forms of vitamin C present in honey help in collagen synthesis and thus help in the faster healing of wounds.

  1. Anti-Acne Properties

Honey is a natural and healthy food that can be used for a range of beauty and health uses. It is great for the skin, helps treat acne and can also be used as a face cleanser. This sticky syrup also has many medicinal properties and is enjoyed by many people around the world, no matter their age or skin type. Rather than making acne worse, honey actually helps to heal pimples and prevents new ones from forming.

  1. Honey for Scars Fading

Honey may help fade acne scars due to its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use honey as a spot treatment on your scars by applying it every day or every other day as a paste at the site of your scarring. You may also see results if you use honey face masks as a part of your beauty routine. However, remember that what we know about the healing abilities of honey is extremely limited and still developing.

  1. Honey for Skin Brightening

Since honey has exfoliating properties, using it on the face can ward off dead skin cells that make the skin look dull. This can eventually reveal brighter looking skin. After washing your face with soap and water, apply honey to your face and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing off.

  1. Anti-Ageing Properties of Honey

According to a study, honey for skin can help in reducing ageing signs like wrinkles, dark circles, loose skin, age spots, etc. It can also prevent infections on the skin that accelerates ageing.

  1. Honey for Skin Cancer

Some evidence and study suggest that honey can help in treating skin cancer as they show positive results on cancer cells. A study focused on honey’s ability to help slow down the growth of cancer cells in the body. 

Another study also implied that honey has antiproliferative, anticancer and antimetastatic effects that help reverse the effects of cancer.

However, a person should always talk to their doctor first regarding their suspicion of skin cancer. Only a doctor can diagnose the condition and then create an effective treatment plan for the same. People should not try to treat their issue with honey alone, as it is not a reliable treatment and the efficacy of honey is still developing.

  1. Honey is a Powerful Cleanser

Honey is highly effective in cleaning the face. It helps in getting rid of trapped dirt in the pores, eventually balancing the skin’s pH. As honey contains antioxidants, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, along with moisturizing properties, it can penetrate the skin easily and work its way to remove impurities from pores. The after-effects of honey on the skin is that of a youthful glow. Honey even leaves the skin tight and bouncy with a tint of gold and a clear complexion.

Take Away

The benefits of honey for the face are unrivalled and uncountable. It is said that honey generates energy in the body and has an incredible health benefit. The benefits of honey for the face can be enjoyed by anyone, especially if you have sensitive skin. Benefits such as reducing wrinkles and fine lines, getting rid of acne and pimples, revitalizing the skin and much more.

Honey has been used for medicinal purposes for ages and is one of the best natural beauty secrets. It can be used for face packs, scrubs and other beauty treatments.

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